Monday, January 31, 2011


A while back, I posted a 4 engine 45 for 5 and a 2 engine Harley Limo trike for 10. Here's another Harley 10 seater.

Below is a couple of frame grabs from a video I stumbled across a while back. I believe this video was a originally a segment on some CBS News affiliate.

I generally think such contraptions are dumb but, everyone is having a good time and it's pretty interesting to see this thing go. Watching it take a turn looks crazy as it sort of plops it self on it's outboard wheel. It also seems to teeter back and forth on as it travels down the highway.

It's called the Timeline motorcycle and it has 7 Harley engines. A J-model, Flathead, Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evo, and Twin-Cam. The engines are suppose to represent the history of Harley V-Twins from 1909 to the present. All engines run and can contribute power, but the Twin-Cam is the only one used on the highway.... what's up with that? They run all 7 for exhibition rides.

It was ridden to Sturgis in 2009. If your interested in videos, go to Youtube and search 10 Seater Harley or Timeline Motorcycle.

Maybe they should have put another seat on it and called it 7-Eleven.