Sunday, June 26, 2011


I rode again yesterday. Here's the route:

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Starting out I took the fastest way to get to roads I've never been on before. I don't want to waste time on roads I've seen a lot of. So I blasted my way up I-26 to US-23 and Webber City. I'm riding with the clouds now. Don't ya just marvel at the sight of clouds lisping around a mountain top?

Once at Duffield, I stop for gas at a favorite stop of mine on the corner of US-23 and US-421. Gas up and head across the mountains on US-421. It deviates from the usual route I take up this way. Funny, I never realized US-421 didn't continue in a straight line. It took an hard right and went north. I've got a new road under my belt now folks. Check it out!

The further north I rode, (once in Kentucky) the deeper I got into coal country. It's beautiful here, and I'm so very happy I decided to ride North today. I saw very few motorcycles, cars, trucks or other types of vehicles to ruin this day!

I stopped in the town of Hyden, KY to ask for directions. The guy I asked was looking after his little grand daughter. I stepped across the street to take a photo of the "Main Street" of this little town and caught "grandpa" trying to set the little barefood girl on my very hot Sporty. I'm so very glad she was too scared to let him do it. She would have burned herself on my bike!

Moving on from there using KY-80 to get to Hazard, Kentucky, I found myself on a very nice twisty road cutting east across the southern corner of the state. Lovely road with mobile homes cutting into the sides of mountains and some scary looking folk who live in the rural edges of KY State Road 80.

I did arrive safely to my destination: Hazard, Kentucky. Here is a photo of their modern courthouse, and a slight history lesson about the area.

Next I wanted to visit the Mother Goose House. I went up this road, and down that one. I headed up the mountain side and around the neighborhoods circulating around the town on small one lane neighborhood one way roads. No can find the Mother Goose House. I am hungry. It's after 12 PM. Lunch time and I will ask someone in the restaurant to direct me. I stopped at Long John Silver's for lunch. The folk there were friendly and hospitable. The food was is after all fast food. I wanted to stop at a diner type of establishment. I found 2 of them in the town. Both closed down and empty. I guess the poor economy don't exclude the folk who work in the mines. I did get the information for the Mother Goose house.

As I'm riding through town, I spy this wall. I enjoy the textures and the colors of this wall. As you might guess, there was another building here torn away and destroyed, leaving the building we see now intact but with the vestiges of the building that stood next door!

I'm gonna stop here and leave the rest of the photos and story for another day this week. But hey...there is one more photo to show ya. I love my Sportster.